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Tournament Dates

24 - 27 April 2024

Tournament Location

Whanganui Community Sports Centre


6:00PM 12 November - 6:00PM 10 March 2024

From $155 per player (min. 8 players)

Play the Junior Showcase

The Junior Showcase is NZ’s only Amateur Athletic Union style event, providing New Zealand athletes a unique opportunity to play AAU style ball before playing AAU in the States.

Draws and Results

Download a copy of each division's draw for the tournament
Where the action is


Springvale Stadium

222 London St Whanganui

Collegiate School

132 Liverpool St, Whanganui

Whanganui High School

Purnell Street, Whanganui

Faith City School

127 Springvale Road, Whanganui

Game and Event-Management Regulations

Serving players' needs

Our rules and regulations are here to serve our players’ needs and not the other way around. We’ll make your desire to play happen, in a fair and equitable approach to the game.

Please ensure you understand our regulations, and terms before committing.


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