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Mana League

New Zealand Basketball's National Club Championships

The Mana League is the rebirth of New Zealand’s national club championships, played over the summer.

The Mana League’s end game is to unite clubs, and academies into city-based mega-clubs.

Once at full capacity, each mega club will host 8 male and female divisions: Division 1, Senior [U20], Junior [U18], Sophomore [U16], Freshmen [U14], Juvie 3 [U12], Juvie 2 [U10], and Juvie 1 [U8].

The 2020 model

Mana League divides the country into four conferences - Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western.

  • Each conference hosts their own conference championships over the summer - teams rep their clubs with the goal to make the top four in the conference, in their respective divisions.
  • The top four championship teams from each division now rep their respective conferences on the Mana League’s Road To The Finals!
  • Road to the finals is hosted from Waitangi Weekend to Easter Weekend.
  • ALL CONFERENCE SWEET 16: the first of the best of three elimination survival series for the top four teams from - the goal is to make the top 8.
  • The SUPER 8: the second elimination survival series - the goal is to make the top 4
  • The PAC 4: the third and final of elimination series - the goal is to get to the finals.
  • THE FINALS: winners play off in the Mana League National Club Championships best of three to claim the title of National Champions!

The 2021 Inaugural launch model

The Mana League’s inaugural 2021 launch, will be an open invitational, for teams from throughout the nation to play in a seven week series beginning with the Sweet 16.

  • This will be a round robin, men’s teams playing 15 games, and women’s teams playing 14 games to get their final rankings.
  • Top ranked 8 teams will play the best of three elimination series at the SUPER 8, winners play best of three elimination series at the PAC 4, finalists play at the Mana League’s Finals!
  • Open to 3 divisions only: Men’s Elite x16 teams, Women’s Elite x8 teams, Men’s U21 x16 teams.

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